About Us and Grand Launching of Pinoy Great Deals

Needing new shoes but don’t have the kicks to go mall-hopping?

Shopping is not a simple choose-and-pick business for many. Wise buyers invest time and effort to squeeze quality into whatever budget is in the pocket. But what happens when your schedule just don’t par with your plans for a wardrobe update? Or when simple laziness gets in the way? When after rummaging through countless racks, there isn’t one worthy of a bargain after all?




PinoyGreatDeals is the secret to sweat-free shopping.


About PinoyGreatDeals

PinoyGreatDeals (PGD) is a web-based ECommerce store where virtual meets ideal. It is our goal to create an easily-accessible and simple shopping experience for our local and international customers. Here, you can buy, transact, and seal a deal with leisure - one click is all it takes to do transactions: more convenient, less effort.

About the Founder

PinoyGreatDeals was established on September 2011 by Clarisa P. Briones-Bernal. An avid shopper herself, Clarisa understands well the trips and triumphs of the virtual retail business. She is a graduate of Tourism from the prestigious University of the Philippines - Diliman. While attending school, she balanced her little time managing a small-scale business that sells imported CD’s and clothing items from Bangkok. She has worked in sales with a multinational company for nine (9) years, enriching her experience in the trade. When not a slave of corporate emails, she delves into hobbies like scuba diving, underwater photography, and playing the violin and the piano.

Currently, she runs the company with her trusted colleagues, in order to accommodate the growing clientele that has found their shopping match at PinoyGreatDeals.

Why PinoyGreatDeals?

l  Flexible and prompt in addressing customer needs

l  Easy to reach

l  Product quality assurance

l  Excellent customer service

From 8am to 5m during weekdays, you can assure that there is always someone to answer your queries

From 5pm beyond, you can get direct and exclusive correspondence from PGD’s operation manager and founder themselves


1.     If you create an email address, make sure the password is not a dictionary term nor readable. On average, a hacker can access your account in three minutes.

2.     When you shop, it has to be on a secure site. Usually, there’s a lock at the bottom of the page or the site says “https”. Be careful of phishing (attempting to acquire information through fraudulent means) scams.

3.     When it comes to group buying, make sure you read the fine print. You can call the establishment and ask them if they’re available on this date, etc. 

4.     If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t be fooled by deals that promise you the world at half-price.

Shop `til you drop? Not quite. Her passion for shopping is astounding, but she is certainly not the kind who spends and swipes for the mere sake of the high. A practical shopper would be a better description of her, as she is the type who is on the lookout for a good bargain. For instance, in one of her travels, she was able to snag a $200 room in Las Vegas for a discounted rate of only $40. Remarkable? You bet.
For someone who always had an aptitude for business, the self-confessed shopaholic then figured; why not turn her favorite hobby into a worthwhile venture? That, in a nutshell, was how the proudly Cebuano group buying site PinoyGreatDeals.com was conceptualized and created.
“It`s really for the love of shopping,” said the site`s founder Clarisa P. Briones-Bernal.”I have also noticed that Cebuanos are ready to use credit cards online; and since shopping online is cheaper, we decided it would be a good idea to start PinoyGreatDeals.”
With the support of Clarisa`s husband and sister, the group buying site was officially launched in September 2011. In less than a year, it has attracted not only the local shopping crowd, but also tourists who are planning to visit the queen city. The site also features a blog of Cebu-based events as well as a directory of establishments.
“The difference with us is that we`re very easy to reach.” shared Clarisa.”I make it a point to get to know the clients and to know what their needs are. We try to be flexible in addressing their needs.”
“Our customer service is also good”, she said.”On weekdays, from eight to five, there`s always somebody who will answer all queries. Then from five up, the operations manager and I have the support email on our phones so we can answer all questions right away”.
As a shopper herself, Clarisa is surely aware of the nitty-gritty aspects of the business she joined in. What do online shoppers want? What do they need? What are the things that will appeal to them? Clarisa said:”On our end, we make sure the merchants we`re dealing with are honest. We put it in the contract that the prices should be real and it shouldn`t be altered just for the sake of the promo. I`m also a buyer and I don`t want that to happen to me! I don`t want to be misled thinking that I got a good deal when actually it`s just the original price.”
“We also make sure the products and services we`re putting up are of excellent quality to make sure the buyers are coming back,” she added.
Clarisa had worked in sales for a multinational company for nine years before finally deciding to push through with her own venture.”I actually took up tourism in the University of the Philippines in Diliman,” she said. “I never thought about taking up a business course because I knew that I already had a knack for it.”
Even during her student years, Clarisa had dabbled in small-scale projects like selling CDs that she bought in Manila and selling clothes that she had imported from Bangkok.
On a personal note, when she is not busy with work related activities, Clarisa makes sure to spend time for her other hobbies like scuba diving, underwater photography, and playing the violin and the piano. She has been playing the piano since she was a child and she even named her son, Wolfgang, after one of her favorite composers.
Also a voracious traveler, together with her husband Neil, Clarisa has travelled all around Asia,Europe and North America.”I want to get more on the memories,” she shared.
She may be an avid shopper and CEO of an online shopping platform, yet Clarisa shared that one of the principles that she simply lives by is:”Don`t be too materialistic.”
“Fulfill your basic “needs” like clothing, food, and shelter. Then when you`re done with that, enjoy your life,” she shared heartily.”Work to have money to fulfill your wants, but don`t lose sleep if it`s just your `wants` you`re not getting.
Sept. 2, 2011 Launching of PinoyGreatDeals.com

Club Vudu Luxx, Cebu City

Hosted by: Jude Bacalso